They’re out to destroy America...enemies of freedom, truth and democracy.

In his shocking new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America, famed New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz is risking his life to expose their heinous agenda.

Horowitz knows firsthand because 50 years ago, he was a left-wing radical living in the belly of the beast. He worked alongside Marxist revolutionaries for years until a shocking revelation set him on the “right” path with a mission to warn Americans...

Radical leftists are speeding America towards fascism.

Horowitz is known for exposing the truth and for his shockingly accurate predictions including those in his runaway bestsellers Dark Agenda and Blitz: How Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.

In what’s sure to be his next runaway bestseller, Horowitz drops a bombshell warning to Americans

He sees the terrifying path America is on and has made it his mission to fight against these haters of America, freedom and democracy.

Dangerous fascist operatives have deeply infiltrated the Democrat party as well as America’s education system where they’re indoctrinating our children.

Everything you see happening today—from constant cries of racism where none exists … to hate-filled rhetoric, cancel culture and mob mentality … to silencing freedom of speech to anyone in opposition ... the shredding of the Constitution ... empowering of thugs and criminals like BLM and Antifa ... the rewriting of history...’s no coincidence. This is all part of a terrifying master plan set in motion 100 years ago starting with the Communist Revolution in Russia.

The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America, rips the veil of secrecy off the brotherhood out for blood ... out to crush freedom and democracy.

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Horowitz knows firsthand what’s taking place because was the enemy—a full-fledged Marxist revolutionary.

His journey into their dark abyss began with a campaign supporting The Black Panthers—the prelude to BLM—and ended with the cold-blooded murder of his friend and colleague by those he was fighting for. When he saw millions of Indo-Chinese slaughtered at the hands of Communists while the left sat by and did nothing, Horowitz’s eyes were opened. He set out to fight against the Marxist revolutionaries bent on destroying our beloved country.

This is not fiction, it is FACT and it’s all spelled out in The Enemy Within. The world we live in now is being taken over by those vile forces trained to hate, oppress, lie, cheat and steal for POWER over the people.

“I worked side-by-side with Huey Newton and leaders of The Black Panthers. I edited Ramparts, the largest magazine of the radical left. I marched, wrote manifestos and I attacked America whenever and wherever I could,” says Horowitz.

Horowitz’s NEW book, 6 months in the making, uncovers the trail of lies, deceit and corruption by these radicals and the mass destruction they’re leaving in their wake.

The Enemy Within answers the questions on millions of Americans’ minds such as WHY...

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Never has the radical left and their true heinous motives been ripped wide open for all to see.

Cover-to-cover, The Enemy Within debunks all the LIES, myths and falsehoods spewed by the enemy and dares to bare the TRUTH about their real anti-American agenda.

You’ll discover how systematically over the course of decades, university professors have been quietly changing the educational discourse and brainwashing our young men and women... suppressing individual responses, accountability and freedom. They’re teaching outright division and damning people by race, gender, religion and economic status.

Every Patriot Should Read This.


“The Enemy Within is a book for all patriots who understand that our country is in a fight for its life.”

—Mark Levin, host of The Mark Levin Show and Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin


The Enemy Within also answers the big questions:

A Must-Read!

“David Horowitz does it again in a must-read for any American concerned about where we are headed as a nation.”

—Laura Ingraham, host of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News

...and this “MUST-READ” book gets to the bottom of the terrifying truths:

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“A great book.”

—Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times best-selling author and political commentator

We live in dangerous times and the radical left upending our beloved country must be stopped.

If you’re doubting this is their true motive, simply look at things like:

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In his own words, David Horowitz wrote The Enemy Within because...

“I knew that if America stood a chance, Americans had to understand exactly how sinister and dangerous this anti-American movement actually is.”

“I was the enemy within — and I know in my bones what it will take to defeat them.”

“We’ve reached the point in our history where we either win these political battles or lose everything that makes us prosperous and free.”

We MUST keep our eyes wide open and FIGHT BACK before America as we know her is annihilated and our freedom lost forever.

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